Why meditate?

meditationLeading life is just like driving on a long way road, sometimes rough and sometimes smooth. When you meet alot of obstacles, you feel very tired to continue. And you come to ask yourself how you gonna help deal with the problems. Sometimes, you don’t even know how and what to do next. Meditation can be your assistant. It will not solve your problems, but it help you make up your mind better. In another way, meditation can help you discipline your feeling.

I have read and dowloaded some instruction and resource from


One thought on “Meditation

  1. Meditation is one of the healthiest “distractions” we can engage in. I call it a distraction because I agree with this author that “Meditation will not solve your problem but it will help make up your mind better.”

    Another way of putting this is: Meditation will help you focus… Focus on your answers, solutions, whatever the word is.

    Meditation helps get you to a healthy perspective of the next step on your path.


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